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Pattern: Snowdrop Motif

[This was originally posted on my Wordpress blog in October 2017]

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I made a 'A Spring Snowflake' heart for the Yarndale Creative Hearts project.

They ask the yarnie community to contribute to a project each year: mandalas, sheep and this year it was hearts! More info here.

I used Lucy at Attic24's heart pattern for the base heart. I used some scrap acrylic yarn, mostly from the Hobbycraft WI range.


But what to embellish it with? There's some fabulous ones on Instagram, have a look: #yarndalecreativehearts

I wanted something that represented me and this blog's name. I had to do a snowflake of course, using Attic24's Snowflake pattern. Then I wanted a snowdrop which always signals the start of spring to me.

But could I find a pattern anywhere? A few 3D ones but nothing flat. So I had a go at making one up, and I think it turned out ok!

Snowdrop embellishment/motif

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UK terms

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

htr: half treble crochet

tr: treble crochet

dc2tog: double crochet together

Yarn: 4ply cotton

Hook: 2.5mm

(Obviously you can use whatever yarn you wish and hook suitable for it, I'd recommend cotton as it gives good stitch definition)


In white, *ch7, dc into 2nd chain from hook, htr into next ch, tr into next ch, htr into next ch, dc into next 2 ch*. First petal made. Then without breaking the yarn you need to repeat those steps between * and * twice more to have 2 more petals all linked together. Break yarn.


Row 1: Join green yarn to the last dc of the 3rd petal. Make 5 dcs evenly across the 'tops' of the petals (which will be the sides of the last dcs of each petal. Ch1 and turn.

Row 2: Dc, dc2tog, dc in last 2 stitches. Ch 1 and turn. (4 stitches)

Row 3: Dc, dc2tog, dc. Ch1 and turn (3 stitches)

Row 4: Dc2tog, dc. Ch1 and turn (2 stitches)

Row 5: Dc2tog. Ch15 (or as many as you need for the length of the stem). Fasten off and sew in ends. I tend to use the tail of the stem to sew the motif to its background.